Photo Gallery

QCYC staff photo, all wearing pink shirts QCYC members posing in front of a blue curtain Children standing in front of a QCYC display table that has a trifold and a spinner on it QCYC members eating pizza and drinking water QCYC members thumb wrestling with each other Large assembly of children listening to a presenter and watching a presentation QCYC members participating in arts and crafts activities Child writing on a notepad in their lap Children standing in a line QCYC staff walking in a line, dressed in black and wearing signs that say 'Suicide', 'Failure', 'Weakness' Speaker talking to some children at an assembly People descending a staircase with bright windows behind them Two male speakers on a stage with microphones, one is wearing green and the other is wearing purple Children visiting a QCYC table in the RiverCenter in Davenport, Iowa QCYC staff members wearing dark green sweaters and jeans Man in brown shirt speaking to assembly of children while a man in grey behind him holds up a quote from Nelson Mandela Older man with microphone speaking to children in a tent area Children dancing in a tent area Boy in black with microphone speaking to audience while person in plaid shirt holds up a picture of he, his brother, and his father Children in an assembly cheering for a presentation Children enjoying an activity QCYC staff member wearing a pink shirt presenting on the possible impact of childhood trauma Children standing in front of a QCYC poster Girls standing in front of a QCYC poster